Basic Information about Foundation

A foundation plays a complicated role in our structures. It bears the weight of the house and serves as a protection against harsh weather conditions. Without it, our house is not complete, our homes will fall down with just one sweep of strong wind and everything we built will turn into nothing. Building the foundation properly will affect the integrity of the structure. It’s important that when you hire contractors of foundation repair Waco TX, you should be careful.


The foundation doesn’t only hold the structure above it. It also insulates the space against the cold weather, keeps out the moisture and resists the shifting of the soil around it. Those are the characteristics you should look out for when building a foundation.

A good foundation means that the footings and walls should be steel-reinforced and made of poured concrete. When building a foundation, it’s not easy as digging a hole and pouring concrete into the forms. The process is more complicated than that. One has to consider the water tables, soil conditions and backfill quality to tailor the foundation into something suitable and useful.

So your contractor will customize the foundation according to the location’s preference and your comfort. The details should be perfect. The base should be compacted properly, the concrete should be free of voids and the formwork should be correctly set up. If you don’t pay attention to even one of these things, your foundation will become a failure.

How to Build It Right

Your goal is to make your foundation stay on forever, so paying attention to the smallest of detail is really important. These details will make sure that your foundation remains crack-free and dry for a long time. The foundation should be level, plump and free of discolorations. Pay attention to the other signs of weak concrete, because that will affect its structural integrity.

Why Foundation Fails

A bad work will lead to a bad foundation. You might not see it for the first years but once a storm or flood hits, you will realize how badly the foundation was constructed. One of the reasons why it happens is because of a nonporous backfill. The soil which is loaded with organic matter or clay will become like sponge if too much water comes it. This will lead to the soil expanding and freezing.

The concrete should be cured slowly; rushing the process will only make it weak. It should reach the strength of 3,000 psi. So it needs to be kept damp for3 days in whatever technique appropriate. Insufficient compacting also affects the integrity of the foundation. If the crushed stone wasn’t firmly tamped and then you pour the concrete on it, there’s a big possibility that it will crack or settle.

If you also interrupt the pouring of the concrete mix, there will be a cold joint which leads to leaking and creaking. So when you notice that the contractor says that he will come just come back tomorrow to finish the job, be alarmed.