8 Most Important Car Features that Buyers Want

People buy cars for personal purposes. Who wouldn’t want to wait for public transportation and get sandwiched by people inside right? Well, others don’t have a choice but a lot of people save up for cars which is a great investment. As a buyer, you have to be smart. Consider all your wants and needs, and your lifestyle. Consider the features that come with the car. Speaking of car features, the following is the list compiled by Lincoln Dealerships in Slidell LA that most of their buyers look for.  

Car Features 

Leather Seats 

Leather upholstery has been the most luxurious feature a car has. Although it’s unfair to say that it’s the metric for luxury, but when your car has these seats, the ride is nicer and more comfortable.  

Navigation System 

All thanks to technology features like navigation system is made available for cars. Using a map when driving in an unfamiliar town is hard, chances are you will get lost. The pre-internet ways to prepare before a trip is noting down the cardinal directions, limiting the places where you can do. In this generation, you can get to anywhere you want, familiar or not. The navigation system is helpful especially when there’s a heavy traffic ahead. The voice prompt will also tell you where to turn as you approach the exit.  

Sun Roof 

During road trips, it’s best to feel the morning sun with you. Aside from happiness it brings to you, you can also get Vitamin D from it especially if you spend most of your time in your office or school. It’s good to let sunshine in for once in a while.  

Third Row Seat 

For a large family, a four-setter car is not enough, so they always ask for a car with a third row in it. If there are also other family members of friends who ride along with you, you can put them in the way back, especially if they talk too loud and you want to concentrate driving.  

DVD Video System 

Not all parents love being in a car with their kids. Kids are noisy, especially when you pick them up from school or you’re going to a long ride. They fight with their other or talk too loud. Thank god for DVD players installed in cars. Put the latest movie or music and let the kids indulge themselves in those things.  

Automatic Transmission 

The automatic transmission feature enables knee driving, which allows you to free your hands so you can do other tasks like checking your email, answering calls or drinking coffee. Customers also want this feature because they hate manual transmissions.  

Tow Hitches 

You’ll never know when you will need a tow hitch, so car buyers would like to see this feature in their car. You might get malfunctioned in the middle of the road and call a towing company.  

Seat Heater 

Those people who live in an area where winter hits really hard, seat heaters are a luxury and necessity. Seat heaters save the lives of people who are driving out there in a cold night.