Types Of Escape Rooms  

Games are a part of life that every kid goes through in a certain part of his or her life. It does not necessarily mean video games but games in general. All kids have their own version of games, but it is still a game. Even when they grow up to be adults, they do not grow out of it. Thinking games are one of the most brain tiring of all types of games. It tests your brain by throwing different situations at you that you will not expect. Speaking of thinking games, escape rooms have been one of the upcoming games that people have been getting into. It is a real life game that you may opt to play your friends with to escape the room. This fad has gotten so big to the point of making various escape rooms to challenge people’s thinking skills. Here are some of the types of escape rooms you may find.  

Escape Rooms  

The first type of escape room would be the Alien Attack. Here in an alien attack, you will be put in a setting of an international space station. This game is great for group hangouts with your friends because not only will it challenge your thinking skills but your friendship as well. In alien attack, you and your friends will need to use the materials given to you and use it to your advantage to get away from the aliens. Your brains will be tested by answering riddles along the way to win the game. Escape the aliens, and you will be saved but fail to figure out the tools found in the space station, and you just might get caught by the aliens and possibly go down 6 feet under and lose the game.   

The second type of escape room would be the Prohibition Pandemonium. This is one of the more basic or regular types of escape room because almost every kind of escape room place would have something similar to this. You would need to escape the room or else you will be taken by the police and thrown in jail for a long time. This is a very immersive game that will get you and your friends excited about running away from the law. This game will test your skills of finding clues and solving puzzles with your team. Surprises will be everywhere, and you will never know it till you stare it right in the face.   

These are some of the types of escape rooms you may find at other escape room places. This particular set of escape rooms may be found in escape the room, but these escape rooms are scattered all over the country waiting for daring and eager friends to take on this battle of the mind and try to win. It may seem harsh at first, but this bonding experience with your friends will be something you will never forget. It could also get very competitive so make sure to bring your A-game if you decide to take on the challenge of an escape room.